Conistency – the key to customer success

What customers really want and how to give it to them Hear the words 'customer satisfaction' and what springs to mind? Friendly staff? Fast delivery? Quality products? All of these things? Of course, all of these things contribute to good customer service, but the foundation stone of sustaining customer satisfaction - and the thing that builds customer loyalty more than anything else - is consistency. Consistency is king Think about it; why do consumers love global fast food chains so much? Do we go to Pizza Hut for gourmet cuisine? Do we visit MacDonalds because of the friendly staff? Perhaps. But most likely, we will walk [...]

Seven ways of setting and meeting customer expectations at your firm.

Seven ways of setting and meeting customer expectations at your firm Competition for new customers is fierce across all industries – and customer acquisition is getting trickier as a result. It’s therefore little wonder why increasing customer loyalty has become such a hot topic among business owners today. Yet, building long-lasting customer relationships requires more than merely going the ‘extra mile’ every once in a while. It requires a measured approach to customer service – and one that offers no surprises or mishaps. So, what is the best way to provide the type of consistent customer service that will earn your [...]

How To Engage Remote Workers

How to Engage Remote Workers Just think of all the work that you could get done if you were able to work from home and just concentrate on the tasks of the day without those constant interruptions of phone calls or people shouting over the desk to ask you a question. When you start to work remotely suddenly your days become not about the hours you spend at your desk, but about the number of tasks that you complete.  The definition of work changes to ‘something you DO’ rather than ‘somewhere you GO’. Working remotely appeals for a vast number of [...]