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Client Management

Strengthen customer relationships, improve consistency of service and build customer loyalty at every touchpoint with an integrated, easy to use client management system (CMS). 

With a customised, integrated client management system (CMS), you will have greater control over your customer’s UX and improve their experience of working with you. 

When it comes to providing a quality service improving the customer experience you provide is a top priority.

By integrating the latest innovations such as Microsoft SharePoint or Dynamis 365 Field Service into your business, the client management system we create for you will unify your teams so that your business can roll out a consistent and seamless customer experience that makes their lives easier at every touchpoint.

Connecting teams for better insights

Inter-departmental collaboration becomes entirley possible – and remote workers can remain connected to the support and resources they need so they are at the right place at the right time – every single time.

The EcoBytes’ client management system makes working as part of a team easy by:

  • Creating a branded template site for your all your clients
  • Controlling external and internal access to documents and information
  • Providing a central place for working on projects
  • Creating approval workflows and alerts
  • Providing access via smartphones
  • Creating information dashboards

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Scaling up whilst keeping standards high

If you think improving client experience requires extra resources that you may not have access to, then think again. Our client management systems ensure you can provide a five-star standard and still scale up your operation whenever you’re ready – through maximising project service automation.

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