Hear the words ‘customer satisfaction’ and what springs to mind? Friendly staff? Fast delivery? Quality products? Perhaps all of these things. However the foundation stone of sustaining customer satisfaction – and the thing that  builds customer loyalty more than anything else – is consistency.

Think about it; why do us consumes love global fast food chains so much? Do we go to Pizza Hut for gourmet cuisine? Do we visit MacDonalds because of the friendly staff?


But most likely, we will walk into a MacDonalds whether we are in Dudley or Dubai because we know there’ll be no surprises when we get there.

We expect to get our expectations met.

Systemise for satisfaction

It’s true: Customers love consistency. But how do you make sure you are providing it?

Improving consistency hinges on setting realistic benchmarks and then systemising your business so you can reach these benchmarks time and time again.

Through systemising your processes, you’ll increase efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks that can seriously jeopardise your output.

Taking action

With consistency playing such an important part in building a successful business, there’s every reason to improve it in your firm. The good news is, putting a plan in place needn’t be complicated.

  • Automating processes

For instance, introducing process automation is one very effective way of improving consistency at your firm. Systems that streamline your workflow can eradicate bottlenecks and reduce mistakes and hold-ups caused by human error, therefore helping your business keep on track.

  • Competency Training

With an automated workflow in place, you will need to train your workforce. Creating a step-by-step processes for your staff to follow through a field management system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 will provide remote workers with the resources they need to provide a consistent service once on site.

  • Microsoft SharePoint

Lastly, as a central system that can be accessed on any mobile device, Sharepoint gives field workers access to key documents, client instructions and training videos –  everything they need to deliver the service expected of them no matter where they are working.

Let EcoBytes help

Meet your customer’s expectations and they’ll have every reason to continue buying from you. As a result you’ll not only earn your customers’ loyalty, but all of the business perks that go with it.

Let us help you get started. We will audit your systems and processes and then implement the tools and techniques you need to run a smooth, seamless operation.

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