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Quality Management

A custom-built quality management system (QMS) could fastrack you to ISO 9001
and simplify managing and maintaining standards thereafter.

Put ISO9001 firmly in sight with a quality management system (QMS) that will streamline processes, improve consistency and make business life much better all-round.

A 2015 independent research study funded by BIS confirmed that investing in standards always generated more benefits to businesses than they cost to implement:

• 84% of companies stated that standards had enhanced their reputation and the quality of their products and services
• Productivity was seen to have increased by 37.4%
• Companies reported that adopting a standard had enhanced their client-supplier relationships through improved confidence

With a custom-built integrated SharePoint quality management system (QMS), you could save hours implementing and maintaining standards such as ISO 9001 with:

• Automate Document Control
• Electronic Forms and Workflows
• Integration with Outlook and Excel
• Risk and Process Tracking

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    The Seven Principles of ISO 9001:2015 and the benefits of installing a tailored QMS:

    1. Customer Focus – Understand your customers and increase your sales by ensuring that everyone in your organization is aware of your customers’ requirements and expectations.

    2. Leadership – Effectively communicate with employees with a SharePoint team website, which enables users to focus on the tasks that will achieve your quality objectives.

    3. Engagement of People – Boost productivity and employee competencies with training that empowers employees to use task-based working from any location.

    4. Process Approach – Improve productivity and customer service by integrating and automating familiar systems and processes. Electronic forms and workflows further help to reduce risks and control outputs.

    5. Improvement – Focus your employees on their productivity improvements through task-based working.

    6. Evidence-Based Decisions – Analyse Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and evaluate data easily with real-time graphic reports and dashboards.

    7. Relationship Management – Exceed customer expectations with secure branded client portals through which suppliers and other groups collaborate on projects as part of your team.

    You’ll have a scalable system that ensures everyone consistently operates to your quality standards and has the power to keep your clients happy.

    Are you ready for ISO9001 Certification?

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