If you are looking to improve customer loyalty at your firm, then providing great customer service is a given.

Yet, going the extra mile once in a while is not necessarily the best way of impressing your customers.

The key to delivering a quality customer service experience is through consistency and getting it right means setting customer expectations at realistic levels – levels that you know you can meet time and time again.

Setting achievable expectations

Knowing your business and what it’s capable of is a vital part of helping you stay true to your word. And it’s really important to take control: Failing to set expectations often means customers will set their own and this can often lead to disappointment, frustration and complaints – all things that your company will want to avoid.

For instance, you state an average call out time of 4 hours on your website and your engineer takes 5 to turn up. You’ve let your customer down for the sake of an hour. Set that benchmark at six hours and the engineer has exceeded expectation. Your customer will appreciate it.

Delivering consistency

When you know exactly what your company can deliver – whether that is in terms of quality, service, friendliness or timescales – then you’ll be in a position to provide a quality customer service at every turn.

At this stage it’s vital you review your business, systems, resources and processes to make sure nothing will get in the way.

Customer mapping is an effective way of looking at life through your customers’ eyes and establishing weak points in your business that may prevent you from keeping your promise. At every phase, you must ask yourself: ‘Is this in line with what I would expect?’ and: ‘Will we definitely be able to deliver?’

Customer mapping

Customer mapping is an extremely useful tool for building customer loyalty. It helps you ‘tap into’ emotional behaviours that can trigger a positive or negative response to your business – and prepare you for situations that compromise the quality of service you offer.

For instance, how will you turn a bad experience into a positive outcome if your engineer failed to turn up to site with the right tools? And, are there any points along the ales and service pipeline where it’s possible to ‘surprise and delight’ your customers and exceed what they expect from you?

Service that defines you

We all have moments of genius in our lives when we surpass ourselves. But these isolated moments of glory are not really what define us. They are inconsistent of who we really are – and the same can be said in business. When it comes to setting expectations, you have to really know what you’re capable of and then make sure your systems and processes are able to work seamlessly to make sure nothing will stop you from building the loyal customer base you deserve.

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