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Fill up your sales pipeline and increase revenue with a custom built sales management system.

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A high performance sales management system (SMS) will drive lead generation, push new customers through your sales pipeline and boost your business’s revenue.

Increase sales by improving the customer experience.

The EcoBytes approach on reducing customer effort will also make it easier for customers to do business with you – turning your prospects into customers and clients into advocates!

Want to know how?

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An SMS will positively impact your business by:

  • Helping you earn your customers’ trust.

Elevating your client’s up the Loyalty Ladder has never been easier as the EcoBytes SMS will support you in plotting and improving CX.

  • Turning Prospects into Customers

EcoBytes specialises in integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 so you can easily pinpoint, target and communicate with your chosen audience.

  • Turning Clients into Supporters and Advocates

The engineers and field staff you have in your company who have face to face contact with your customers have a distinct advantage when it comes to selling. They are already known and trusted. An EcoBytes SMS will make turning field staff into trusted advisors straightforward.

  • Turning Customers into Clients

Mapping the customer journey helps you to maintain consistency and identify opportunities for improvement

Why is automation, consistency and advocacy so important?

Because the sales process is evolving.

Customers and clients want to do business with businesses that make their lives easy.

We can make life easier for them through opening up communication channels, encouraging collaboration and providing them with a consistent service.

In return, we are likely to earn their loyalty and custom.

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The EcoBytes SMS

  • Clumsy attachments and email become a thing of the past
  • Documents and to-do-lists are easily shared
  • An easy to follow process ensures consistency and quality
  • Productivity and creativity is improved
  • Business relationships are strengthened
  • Creates a branded template site for your all your clients
  • Controls external and internal access to documents and information
  • A central place for working on projects
  • Create approval workflows and alerts
  • Can be accessed via dashboards and smartphones

Develop trusted advisors with a Leadership Management System

Because why sell when you can advise?

When service workers are empowered with the right knowledge to help your customers they become trusted advisors.

  • Free up time to work ON the business, not IN the business
  • Delegate authority based on competency levels
  • Competence-based learning

There are top level benefits of developing your team as Trusted Advisors and Leaders

To maintain standards, it’s important to capture knowledge of processes as videos and flow charts and turn them into training resources that can be accessed remotely.

The EcoBytes tailored Leadership Management System enables remote workers to access the information required to do their job via their smart phone… including process instructions, downloads, training videos and checklists.

The outcome?

You’ll have a scalable system that ensures everyone consistently operates to your quality standards and has the power to keep your clients happy.

Are you ready to fill up your sales funnel?

Get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how an SMS can identify your target customers, automate the lead generation proess and provide you with the new business you desire to build your business.

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