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Innovate For Efficiency: Imagine integrating your business technology so that not only does it work efficiently and seamlessly as one, it provides a level of insight that takes the guesswork out of scaling your operations?

Using Dynamics 365, we give your business the power that comes from the sum of connecting your processes and applications. By doing so, awareness of both your market and customer-base grow, enabling planning to become evidence-based, decisions made more easily, and workflow managed instantly.

With resources working harmoniously, the resulting ability your organisation has to foresee events and plan and innovate accordingly are greatly enhanced.

  • Save hours planning and pulling information from various departments
  • Bring data and applications together to see a full picture – right across your business
  • Simplify and automate many of your processes
  • Use reliable insights to become outcome-focused, confident that your operations and plans are taking you where you want to be
  • Proactively respond to even the smallest changes to your customers’ needs or marketplace, ahead of your competitors
  • Improve the customer experience with improved SLA’s and fewer complaints
  • Use synchronised applications to manage workflow and remove bottlenecks
  • Plan marketing to respond to trends as you see them emerging

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Success Story

A Commercial Cleaning company systemised their training processes by replacing paper-based training modules with the EcoBytes Training Resource Portal.

Now, remote operatives can access the information required to do their job via their smart phone. The system is designed to:

  • Save Management time by automating training and compliance processes
  • Reduce costs of on-site training, printing and travelling
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by ensuring everyone consistently operates to your quality standards.