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Systemise For Consistency: Are you looking for consistent results, every time, even when you undertake much larger projects or sales fluctuate?

By integrating SharePoint throughout your business, access to key technology and documents is instant and secure – from anywhere – synchronising data and giving staff real-time, process-led information.

With reliable information at their fingertips, your teams can operate with confidence, even when the pressure’s on. Using SharePoint, we give you the operational outcomes you’re looking for, with processes that remain consistent, even when your workload isn’t.

Documenting processes will help you to scale your business; improve efficiency; reduce your risks; and add customer value. Contact us if you would like to discuss this further or call 01634 505100 to arrange a free assessment.

  • Replicate the right solutions, time after time, without heavy reliance on individual staff
  • Maintain business direction and market focus with your whole team working in synergy
  • Rely on current, accurate and approved data to save time and deliver a consistent customer-centric approach
  • Increase productivity through consistent processes

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A Recent Success Story

A Quantity Surveyor devised a unique methodology for preparing tenders using expertise from a variety of contributors both internal and external to the business

EcoBytes systemised their business using a Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365. Now, remote workers improve their competency by logging into a SharePoint portal to view documented process, flow charts and embedded training videos. Automated approval workflows and checklists mitigate potential risks and consistently provide quality assurance at each and stage.

In addition to providing consistent quality results, the system also freed up valuable time for the owner to spend developing their business. The company is now working with EcoBytes to implement Dynamics 365 for Sales and Project Service automation to scale their business.

Success Story

A Commercial Cleaning company systemised their training processes by replacing paper-based training modules with the EcoBytes Training Resource Portal.

Now, remote operatives can access the information required to do their job via their smart phone. The system is designed to:

  • Save Management time by automating training and compliance processes
  • Reduce costs of on-site training, printing and travelling
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by ensuring everyone consistently operates to your quality standards.