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Training Resource Portal

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Training Resource Portal

The EcoBytes Training Resource Portal provides operatives with the information required for to do their job via their smart phone:

  • Deliver Consistent Results – Providing client site specific information right at their fingertips will ensure everyone consistently operates to your quality standards.
  • Save Management time by automating training processes and using embedded videos, images and step-by-step instructions.
  • Reduce training costs of printing, travelling and delivering on-site training.
  • Improve compliance by automatically creating audit records for you to access at any time.
  • Simple to use via any tablet or smartphone web browser.
Training Resource Portal
Training Resources

Training Resources – What You Get

The portal provides remote operatives with information and training resources including:

Cleaning Process Modules
14 of the most common commercial cleaning processes, which you can tailor to your quality standards.

Health & Safety Modules
15 of the most common Health & Safety modules including fire safety and the safe use of chemicals.

News Hub
A news hub to keep everyone up to date with the latest training news.

Training Resources – What You Get

30 Multiple Choice Tests
Operatives test their knowledge with multiple choice tests. Results are automatically displayed to aid learning.

Electronic Certificates can be emailed to trainees as a reward for successfully completing their leaning path.

Document Downloads
A secure document library enables operatives to download training guides.

Training Resources
The Learning Experience

The Learning Experience

The EcoBytes Training Resource Portal has be designed to be as simple and easy to use for remote operatives to access from any smart phone.

Stress Free – Users are provided with a username and password, this password can be changed to something more memorable.

One Time Login – Users can choose to stay signed in and save the link to their Home screen… allowing for a smooth user experience.

Learning Styles – Trainees can follow step by step processes, view images, watch embedded videos… all without leaving the page.

The Management Experience

As the Training Administrator you have complete control over the content of modules, tests and training records.

Tailored Training
All modules and tests are highly customisable and can be tailored to your quality standards.

Audit Reporting
Receive email alerts on submitted tests and access Excel audit reports on completed modules.

Certificate library
Quickly generate new certificates to send to trainees on the successful completion of their learning path.

The Management Experience
The Management Experience
Client Portals

Client Portals – What You Get

Client Portal Template
The optional Client Portal Template provides a starting point for your mobilisation plan, which you can tailor to your client’s needs.

Induction Training
Ensure new operatives are quickly trained and tested on site procedures such as Fire Safety.

Audit Checklists
Create checklists to include specific client requirements.

Secure Access
Site Permissions ensure that only selected operatives can access your client site information.

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