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Information Security

Reduce the effort of ISO 27001 certification and enable
your team to work securely from any location
with Microsoft 365 and ISOvA software.


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Does your business need ISO 27001 certification, but you’re finding it confusing, time-consuming, expensive?

As an experienced ISO 27001 lead auditor and Microsoft 365 security specialist, EcoBytes can quickly and remotely implement a robust Microsoft Teams Information Security Management System (ISMS) that protects your data and reduces risks of a cyber-attack.


ISO 27001 Consultancy

Fast track to ISO 27001 certification in just 5 days

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ISOvA Software

Includes 80% expert content leaving you just 20% of the effort

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Microsoft 365 Security

Secure your data with
Microsoft 365 Zero Trust approach

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Cyber Awareness

Reduce the risk of breaches with our Cyber training

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ISO 27001 Information Security Consultancy

Whether you have certification in place – or are looking to achieve it, EcoBytes is here to help. As experienced ISO 27001 lead auditors, we know how to implement a robust information security management system compliant to the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.

Our auditors will quickly identify any gaps and ensure that your organisation is ready for certification through remote internal audits, which cover the requirements of clauses 4-10 of the standard and all 114 controls of Annex A.

ISOvA Management Software

Built by leading ISO experts and designed around the core elements of ISO Management System Standards, ISOvA is a powerful online management system designed to efficiently guide you through the process of gaining and maintaining certification.

80% expert content, just 20% effort
With ISOvA, 80% of the work is done for you. ISO expert-created content is included within your software, leaving just 20% of effort from you to tailor it to your organisation. Seamlessly integrating with your business, you can monitor your progress, and manage your journey, to certification and beyond.

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance

Automation is critical to a robust and sustainable security program. Zero Trust is the essential security strategy that enables users to safely work from home, use their own devices (BYOD), hold secure meetings, and achieve new levels of productivity.

Zero Trust starts with identity, verifying that only the people, devices and processes that have been granted access to your resources can access them. Next comes assessing the security compliance of device endpoints – the hardware accessing your data. And finally, protection of the data itself across your files and content.

As a Microsoft partner, EcoBytes can help you automate a Zero Trust approach that empowers people to work productively and securely when, where, and how they want.

Cyber Awareness Training

Reduce the risk of information security breaches with our tailored Cyber Security training.

As your ISO consultant, we’ll ensure that all staff are aware of your ISO 27001 aims and objectives; your policies and procedures; and everyone’s responsibility to report information security events and weaknesses.

Whether you’re looking for a simple PowerPoint and Microsoft Forms quiz, or a fully integrated training solution, EcoBytes can help you develop a training programme that reduces the risk of your organisation becoming victims of cyber-attack.

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