Why Do We Do It?

We believe that every business can scale.

We’ve found that business owners are continually frustrated by lack of sustainable growth and profitability. Frustrated with business experts who don’t understand technology, or IT experts that talk in jargon and don’t make the effort to understand your business processes. It doesn’t have to be like this…

“Scalability is an organisation’s ability to continually increase revenue and deliver consistent results, without being hampered by its limiting resources.”

– Graham Tarrant

What Do We Do?

EcoBytes works with ambitious companies to scale their business – significantly increasing its value, and helping you to achieve your lifestyle objectives.

What You Get

Our Credibility

With in-depth experience of industries across the B2B sector, and a detailed understanding of how ISO 9001 is embedded within businesses, EcoBytes enables companies to use scalability to increase profits.

As a trusted Microsoft Silver Cloud partner, EcoBytes understands how to tailor systems to the precise needs of your business using innovative solutions such as Office 365, SharePoint and Dynamics 365.

As a certified Cyber Essentials company we can also help you to protect your customer data, become GDPR compliant and reduce your risk of cyber crime.

Graham Tarrant heads-up EcoBytes, bringing with him over 20 years’ experience of helping business owners use leadership and innovation to increase efficiency and profits.

Graham is committed to a long-term, incremental approach, using his experience as a qualified Microsoft Certified professional in administering Office 365 and IRCA certified ISO Lead Auditor. This has enabled EcoBytes to develop and help businesses with a balanced combination of ISO quality management and Microsoft solutions – delivering proven results to businesses in terms of profits and efficiency.

The Ecobytes’ Culture

Implementing small changes and introducing a culture of gradual improvement is EcoBytes’ ethos. This philosophy of ‘Kaizen’ –  change for the better – allows businesses to grow and develop with technology that’s integral to their operations, rather than bolting on big solutions that hinder rather than help.

While our focus is on building relationships and working together over time, the experience of the EcoBytes’ team enables them to pinpoint quickly areas for improvement within a business.

For some businesses, a small additional solution rather than change is all that’s required to deliver a complete turnaround in efficiency. For others, we build custom solutions to suit their specific needs. Whatever’s right for your business, you can trust EcoBytes to identify it and work with it – never doing more than is necessary.

From there, we can develop a framework for your business to make continuous, incremental improvements for long-term scalability and success.